Supremely Simple Easter Egg Choc-Chip Cookie Recipe

So you have leftover Easter eggs in the house, huh? You’re not alone! We have a box of them in the pantry that I’m slowly sharing with the kids. They are still small enough (at 1.5 yrs and 3.5yrs old) to ration them out to. They don’t even notice if one goes missing some nights when my cup of tea and belly are lonely.

My youngest son and I have just made some of my Ultimate Choc Chip Cookies with some of the left over Easter Eggs – the perfect way to use them up. You can find the recipe here.

Simply crumble the Easter Eggs in your clean hands, and add to the mixture instead of the chocolate chips.

How simple is that?

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Heavenly Sweet and Moist Honey, Pear and Almond Slice

If the leaves are starting to change to the beautiful reds and russet colours where you are then this is the perfect slice recipe for you!

Pears are at their peak in the fall (autumn). I think they are often overlooked for their friend, the apple. In fact, they are a great substitute for apples in crumbles, cakes and desserts. This slice is sweet, moist and very moreish. Yum


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