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Welcome to Nelly’s Belly, a personal food and cooking website.

Here you’ll find recipes with a story behind them. They can all be cooked at home and have been whipped up by me, Nelly! If you’d like to know more about me, keep reading… or if you’d just like to look at my recipes, go for it! Which ever it is, be sure to send me any feedback… I love knowing my cooking is doing more than fill my family’s belly!!


My name is , and I’m a wife, mum to 3 little boys and in a former life I used to be a chef. I find comfort and peace in cooking, and just love the feeling of providing for my family and friends.

It’s not always a world of solace in my kitchen – I now have a 6yr old, 4yr old and an 18 month old to “help” me, which sometimes makes for an interesting outcome. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this blog you’ll find recipes for tried and tested sweet stuff, as well as a few tempting savoury bites. I have a definite sweet tooth, as you’ll find out.

Quite a lot of this will also be kid friendly, and also able to be prepared and cooked during my children’s sleep times! Any mum will know that you use these precious times to not only have a hot cuppa, but to get stuff done without having little hands everywhere.

So have a look around, visit my Google profile and don’t be shy to let me know what you think… Comment away, send me some feedback !

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