Easy Homemade Churros… You Won’t Be Able To Stop At One!!

Churros are a Mexican style fritter – a bit like a long doughnut (mmmm, donuts). My first encounter with churros was in Disneyland when I was a teenager. We were on a family overseas holiday touring around LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Mexico and Hawaii.

My brother-in-law bought a churros from one of the Disney street vendors. It was extra extra long, so we all had a piece. It was delicious. We really were in the happiest place on earth!

I’ve tried to recreate the recipe here. They are much smaller in size, but are a great bite size snack. I dare you to try stopping at one.

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This White Chocolate and Coconut Truffles Recipe Is Super-EASY

Christmas is coming… The decorations and Christmas trees have been in the shopping centres for months now.

My two sons are getting increasingly more excited. Yesterday we put the Christmas Tree up – exciting times for a 4 year old and a 2 year old. 🙂 They also opened the first drawer on our Advent Calendar.
For me, Christmas is also a time  for catching up with family and friends – and to make lots of sweet treats to share with them. What’s not to love about the combination of coconut and white chocolate? This truffles recipe is very easy to make – you’ll be sure to impress with them. Don’t leave out the lemon rind – it really ties the flavours in nicely.

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Incredible Gluten-Free Rosemary Sea Salt Polenta Chips

Polenta is another name for cornmeal. It is a grain and can be cooked in water, stock or milk to make a thick paste (I know this isn’t the best word to describe it, but it really is lovely, trust me!).

It can be flavoured with herbs and cheese, and can be served as soft polenta (straight from the saucepan), or cooled then grilled, baked or fried. And it can be used in cakes – a lemon polenta cake with sweet syrup is just heavenly. It also has the added benefit of being gluten free – so it is perfect for coeliacs.

Soft Polenta is a great accompaniment to a rich beef casserole on a winter’s night, while baked polenta chips are lovely as an alternative to fried potato chips, or even baked potato.

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Super-Tasty Spinach and Feta Triangles in 5 Easy Steps

The silverbeet in our vegetable garden is out of control. We’re about to turn into mini Popeyes with the amount of spinach we have!

So, I decided to use some up in some easy Spinach and Feta Cheese Triangles. They are tasty, easy and a great way to get some veges into your diet. And if you make a big batch like this, you can freeze some for later, or for when friends or family drop in for a visit.

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Finger-lickin’ Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs

This recipe is hot off the barbeque tonight. It’s a reflection of what’s in my whole family’s belly!

Pork ribs are one of my husband’s favourite meals. He has a mega marinade that he was given by a former colleague, but unfortunately I couldn’t use it because it contains a whole jar of peanut butter (yes, an entire jar). Our youngest son is still only 14 months old, so I haven’t tried him with peanuts yet ( not that I expect any allergies – I’m just being cautious 🙂 ).  So we turned to a sticky BBQ marinade instead – and what a treat it was. We definitely needed lots of serviette after this tasty meal!

The weather is heating up, so why not heat up your BBQ too?

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