Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Delightful Hot Cross Buns Recipe for Everyone

It’s Easter.

The shops are full of images of chicks and bunnies, too, because it’s all about new life.

One of my favourite things about Easter has to be Hot Cross Buns. These days they can be found in the Australian supermarkets from as early as January! Hot Cross buns are a delightful sweet breadroll traditionally filled with spices and dried fruit. You can find other varieties too – choc chip, mocha, white choc and cranberry. There’s a Hot Cross Bun flavour for everyone!

If son got his own way sultanas would be in everything he ate. They are a natural lolly for him – the natural sugars are concentrated in the drying process from grape to sultana. As a result he loves Hot Cross Buns, too. He helped me make some this morning, so here’s the recipe just in time for you to make for Easter.

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This Cappuccino Slice is the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Mmm coffee. It’s the perfect pick-me-up and just holding the warm mug between your hands can soothe a frazzled parent.

This is a scrumptious slice recipe – just perfect for morning tea. It uses ingredients that are readily available in my pantry, so I can whip it up whenever I feel like a sweet treat.

Now we just have to make sure the kids don’t get hold of this cappuccino slice!
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