Pirate Birthday Party

My Eldest son and my youngest son have just had their birthdays. My Eldest is now 3 years old, and my youngest is now 1 year old. What’s funny is their birthdays are 1 day apart. This makes for two busy birthdays – and one joint birthday party!

The theme this year was Pirates, inspired by Mr 3’s love of Captain Feathersword from The Wiggles. And what fun we had!  I decorated the house with pirate bunting and pirate balloons. The backyard had a huge pirate ship mural which we were lucky enough to borrow from my brother( one of my nephews had a pirate party a few years earlier!). In front of this we placed a plank for the kids to jump off into a blue tarpoline “ocean” filled with sharks, crocodiles and turtles!

Even though it was a cold, windy August afternoon all the kids had fun walking the plank, hunting for treasure in the garden and playing pass the parcel. And don’t forget the cake. With 2 birthday boys you HAVE to have 2 birthday cakes.

The first cake was a Skull and Crossbones cake. It consisted of 2 red velvet cakes – 1 x 8 inch and 1 x 6 inch. I covered these with a buttercream, then covered them with white fondant. The bones were made with white fondant. I cut out the white fondant for the eyes and mouth, and used black fondant to replace them them.

Skull & Crossbones Cake

The second cake was a Treasure Chest. The cake was a milk chocolate mud cake. I made a large lamington tin sized cake, then cut it to half. Both halves were then cut horizontally in half, so it made 4 thin chocolate cakes. I then sandwiched 3 pieces of the cake together with a chocolate ganache.  The remaining piece of cake was placed on top as the lid of the treasure chest. I then went to town with some chocolate gold coins, candy necklaces, skull lollies, and liquorice straps – lolly treasure! The kids just couldn’t stay away from this cake 🙂

Treasure Chest birthday cake

Thanks to all our family and friends, our boys had a great day celebrating their birthdays.

I wonder what next year’s party theme will be?

Nellys Belly

I’m a wife, mum to 2 little boys and in a former life I used to be a chef. I find comfort and peace in cooking, and just love the feeling of providing for my family and friends.

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