Delightfully-Rich Chocolate Mulberry Brownies

So many mulberries, so little time to use them up before the season finishes!

Here’s a chocolate mulberry brownies recipe to enjoy. These taste rich and delicious – mainly because of the use of dutch cocoa powder instead of regular bournville cocoa. I’ve only recently gotten into dutch cocoa. Soo delicious and it just takes your chocolate cakes to a whole new level. Hmmmm…. brownies!

Chocolate Mulberry Brownies Recipe:

  • 250 gram Butter, chopped
  • 375ml Water
  • 1 cup White Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Cocoa Powder ( I used Dutch Cocoa Powder)
  • 2/3 cup Dark Chocolate, chopped
  • 1 Egg, beaten
  • 1 2/3 cups Plain Flour
  • 1 tsp Bicarb Soda
  • 2 cups fresh Mulberries, stalks removed

Method (4 steps)

  1. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius or 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease and line a slice pan with baking paper. 
  2. Combine the butter, water, sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate in a saucepan and stir over medium heat until boiling. Simmer gently for 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and set aside to cool down to room temperature.
  3. Add the beaten egg, and stir to combine. Whisk in the flour and the bicarb soda until all lumps are gone. Fold through the mulberries.
  4. Pour the mixture into the prepared slice tin, then bake in the oven for approximately 45 minutes. Remove from the oven, then cool in the tin before slicing into your preferred sized brownies!

Nellys Belly

I’m a wife, mum to 2 little boys and in a former life I used to be a chef. I find comfort and peace in cooking, and just love the feeling of providing for my family and friends.

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