Scrumptious Mulberry and Almond Slice That’s Sugar Free

It’s that time of year again – Mulberry time! And what better way to try them out than by cooking them up in a slice recipe!

Yet again my Mum’s Mulberry tree is heavily laden with the rich black berries. The tree is huge, and people from all over her neighbourhood come to taste test. They eat them straight from the tree, and also fill up small containers with the mulberries to take home to enjoy. I’ve been lucky enough to share the picking experience with my 2 boys this year – Red hand alert! My youngest also had a bright red mouth to match his hands 🙂

My mum likes to make lots and lots of Mulberry Pies and Mulberry Jam. I’ve decided to try to make some slices with my mulberries. This slice recipe contains no sugar… (more…)

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Heavenly Sweet and Moist Honey, Pear and Almond Slice

If the leaves are starting to change to the beautiful reds and russet colours where you are then this is the perfect slice recipe for you!

Pears are at their peak in the fall (autumn). I think they are often overlooked for their friend, the apple. In fact, they are a great substitute for apples in crumbles, cakes and desserts. This slice is sweet, moist and very moreish. Yum


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