Easy Homemade Churros… You Won’t Be Able To Stop At One!!

Churros are a Mexican style fritter – a bit like a long doughnut (mmmm, donuts). My first encounter with churros was in Disneyland when I was a teenager. We were on a family overseas holiday touring around LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Mexico and Hawaii.

My brother-in-law bought a churros from one of the Disney street vendors. It was extra extra long, so we all had a piece. It was delicious. We really were in the happiest place on earth!

I’ve tried to recreate the recipe here. They are much smaller in size, but are a great bite size snack. I dare you to try stopping at one.

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Delicious Jam Donuts

Who can resist a freshly made donut?

Almost every culture has a version of the donut and for good reason. Whether you know them as doughnuts, churros, beignets, berliners, donal kentang, struffoli or just donuts – they are one of life’s simplest pleasures. There’s the classic cinnamon, gooey jam filled or pineapple glazed – each manages to bring out the child in all of us. Mr 2.5 loves, like all kids, to eat the icing first. Me? I like to scoff it all in about 1 minute!

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