The Perfect Home-Made Pizza

The perfect homemade pizza base recipe. Get the kids involved, get messy and have fun kneading.

My husband’s standby takeaway meal is pizza. He loves it, and is a member of several local pizza joints. Me? I like pizza too, but we have differing tastes. He and my son love classic Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) pizzas. I like vegetarian toppings, and more gourmet pizza flavours. But there’s one thing we agree on – the PIZZA BASE.

Pizza bases can’t be too thick, or paper thin. Pizza bases need to have a bit of body to hold the sauce and the delicious ingredients. “But I can buy a pre-made pizza base from the local supermarket” I hear you say. This is true, but this pizza base recipe doesn’t taste like cardboard, is much cheaper and you can get the kids involved!

So let’s get started 🙂

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